Chevy and Moranis Spell It Out
March 10, 2000

There was so much going on at the Steve Martin tribute dinner last Friday night (for the American Museum of the Moving Image) Chevy Chase, wearing a baseball cap I guess to hide a receding hairline this was a theme at his table, although Paul Simon finally removed his talked about his current movie, Snow Day being a hit. "It's fine if you're six years old," he said with some bitterness, referring to the film's audience."Of course, it's commercial drivel."

And then there was Rick Moranis, who had a few biting remarks for Martin which did not get reported by press attendees. From the stage no less, to the audience: "Steve, there were those countless times you asked if I wanted to have sex with Victoria," referring to Martin's former wife and co-star Victoria Tennant.

 If that weren't enough, during a long riff on what the letters of his name stood for, Moranis, who always seemed like such a nice little fellow, said: "V, is for vagina, which you think about too much." Must have thought he was at a Friars Roast, huh?