One Size Fits All

Western-Ontario TV Guide, March 29, 1997.          Bill Brioux

Rick Moranis doesn't feel snubbed that his new Disney feature "Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves" went directly to video. "It's a whole new business," says Moranis, who points to the sucess of 1994's "The Return Of Jafar," Disney's first direct-to-video title, which has made $14 million. "This was an opportunity to do filmed entertainment for a potentially wider audience in a much more efficient way." Moranis again plays mild-mannered inventor Wayne Szalinski, who accidentaly shrinks himself, his brother (Stuart Pankin) and their two wives, leaving their unsuspecting kids home alone.

At one point, the tiny parents wind up taking a high-speed Hot Wheels ride. "They were throwing things at us- wind and whatever," says Moranis. "I think it's a classic bit of footage."

Moranis confirmed that he and Dave Thomas are talking about reviving SCTV's hoser duo, Bob and Doug McKenzie, and have recently shot beer ads for Molson in the U.S. "We've found that there is a newer and bigger market that ever before. It's all over the Internet."

And some 20 years later, he's still being saluted for his work on SCTV. He recently attended a tribute in Los Angeles, which brought the surviving cast members together for the first time since John Candy's funeral. "This is what happens," says Moranis, about the accolades. "You get old and they start giving you awards."