Tuesday, October 9, 1990
P.M. Final
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SHORT TAKES; Comedians Check Out Chess;

By: From Times Wire Services

Comedy actors Steve Martin and Rick Moranis joined hard-core chess
fans at a world championship match between two bitter Soviet rivals--and
found something to laugh about.

"I don't know anything about checkers," Moranis quipped, explaining
that he came to the opening game Monday only because Martin "bought the

Martin said he came for the excitement and "to see the fights in the
audience," but the hottest crowd action came when someone in the back
spoke out loud and miffed spectators let out a unified "shhhh!"

The actors watched as defending champion Gary Kasparov and challenger
Anatoly Karpov battled to a draw in the opening match of the 1990 World
Chess Championship at the Hudson Theater.